Simple & powerful campaign tools

Reach out to your targeted voters one-by-one and track your progress. Campaign Fluency is a suite of state-of-the-art online tools to help you manage and win your campaigns.

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A better way to organize campaigns

A complete voter file for your district, ready to go.
You build your custom lists and track your support.

Track your voters with custom lists

Slice and dice your potential voters in any way you want to, mixing and matching location, demographic data, and 20 years of voting habits. Once you have lists built, call them, view them on the map, tag your supporters, or export to Excel.

  • Narrow Your Lists

    Looking for regular voters over age 60 registered as D or U in Ward 2? What about every R on Central St. already tagged as LEAN YES?

  • Tag Every Interaction

    Use the list in DATA ENTRY mode and quickly tag, add comments, and mark the support level (1-5). Keep it simple and fast.

  • Upload Your Emails

    You've spent years building contacts, supporters, friends, and contributors. Add them all, we match the ones with a voter file.

Every Address, GIS Mapped

We have every single registered voter mapped to their latitude and longitude coordinates. See every list on the map and gain insight that only location can give you.

  • Visualize Your Support

    You tag your supporters with a simple color coding (1-5). View the district, immediately see your strong and weak areas, and click any pin to get more details.

  • Create Walking Lists

    Build a route for the day, street by street, view it on the map and print it. Later, enter DATA ENTRY mode and mark your interactions.

Focused on the little things that make campaigns work

Campaigns are about allocating resources in the most efficient ways. The most important resource you have is your time. Saving time on all the little things helps you put that time where it's needed most.

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